100% natural and carefully sourced from leading suppliers in Africa and Asia, Goldcrest Honey is a golden gift from Mother Nature. Available in easy grip and pour bottles, Goldcrest Pure Honey is perfect for pouring over warm French toast on a chilly morning or stirring it into your tea as a sumptuous afternoon delight.

Goldcrest Infused Honey variants are made using
our delicious pure honey, which has been
‘infused’ with botanicals, extracts and spices to
intensely ENHANCE THE FLAVOUR of the honey
as well as the HEALTH BENEFITS of both the
ingredients and the honey itself.

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Add a touch of inspiration to your next meal with Goldcrest gourmet relishes and pestos. Crafted from the finest international ingredients, these delicious pantry must-haves are fashioned to add maximum flair and flavour to your menu.


Turn simple dishes into masterpieces with Goldcrest Coulis. Perfect for topping, drizzling and spreading, this sweet addition to the Goldcrest range of pantry staples is sure to elevate every eating occasion.

Canned Fruit

From the everyday to the exotic, our canned fruit has been carefully selected from leading local and international suppliers. Packed in a light syrup to preserve its delicious taste, our wide range of mouth-watering products allow you to enjoy all your favourite flavours in and out of season. Add them to desserts, fruit salads or cocktails, and add a touch of sweet inspiration to your menu.

Canned Seafood

Not near the ocean? No problem. Sourced and imported from the best suppliers, our Smoked Mussels allow you to enjoy your favourite maritime-inspired meals wherever, whenever.